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Download our FREE Roadmap:

7-Step HIPAA Compliance Roadmap

Download your FREE HIPAA Roadmap


HIPAA compliance should not be hard, confusing, or expensive. Our healthcare technology and compliance experts can provide a solution to simplify and automate

your HIPAA compliance through software and live coaching. Not only physicians, but anyone providing treatment, payment, or operations in healthcare must meet HIPAA compliance, and NO client has ever failed a HIPAA audit.

Our HIPAA Compliance solution provides everything in one place for one low monthly fee:

  • Compliance Coach Support      

  • ALL 6 Required Audits (Privacy, Administrative, Security Risk Assessments)      

  • Gap Identification and Remediation Planning      

  • Tailored Policies and Procedures      

  • Employee Training and Documentation        

  • Attestation (HIPAA, FWA, PCI)      

  • Document and Version Control      

  • Incident and Business Associate Management      

  • Seal of Compliance and Audit Response Program

A brief conversation with one of our HIPAA compliance professionals can help answer all your HIPAA questions. Or download our FREE 7-Step HIPAA Compliance Roadmap.

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